Growing Our Common Wealth
About Us
​Commonomics USA develops and supports pragmatic economic justice initiatives. Our aim is to reclaim and expand our common wealth while respecting the integrity of natural systems. We spotlight ways private interests are pressing governments to defund and privatize the commons. We show how corporate actions devastate families and diminish communities. We counter predatory capitalism. We work to shape systems that allow people to get their needs met in ways that provide dignity, agency and respect for individuals and local communities. We advocate for ecological principles and practices that sustain the greatest commons of all: a healthy, balanced and stable environment.

​Commons concepts must be woven into law, policy, culture and community standards. As part of this change, society must eliminate classism and artificial scarcity, undo privatization, sweep away austerity thinking and practice, evolve a more cooperative culture, and democratize money.

Our Vision:

Commonomics USA envisions a world where a Commons-based economy creates economic and ecological security for all.

​What We Do:

​​We educate and advocate for the reclamation of the Commons from predatory capitalism and privatization, and build model law and policies that establish sustainable, economically just systems based in the Commons.

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