Growing Our Common Wealth

Commonomics USA

​We educate and advocate for the reclamation of the Commons from predatory capitalism and privatization, and build model law and policies that establish sustainable, economically just systems based in the Commons.




  • ​We provide background briefings and trainings to any organization needing a better understanding of economic justice, the Commons, sustainable and solidarity economies, classism, and public financial models.
  • We help grassroots, community, advocacy and educational groups better organize, research, recruit, write, and message.  
Successes include developing public banking workshop content for municipalities and modeling how a public bank can be used to fund a county's renewable energy strategy.
  • We develop ways to better communicate the value of public and postal banking, universal basic income, community and individual economic rights, anti-privatization efforts, sustainability and protection of the Commons. 
  • We deliver messages through a broad range of media including public events, news releases, radio/TV/web interviews, podcasts, published articles, briefings, and books.
Successes include many articles, blog postings and published interviews on cooperative Commons-based economics and an educational video series on public and postal banking.
  • ​We produce model law and policies: model ordinances, legislation, administrative rules, statutes, amendments, and legal arguments to develop law and policy for Commons-based economic justice.
  • We keep a searchable database (with evaluations) of existing laws and policies, from local to federal, from statutory to administrative. 
Our success in shaping law, policy, and community practices that embody both justice and sustainability includes providing testimony to the California Treasurer's Cannabis Banking Working Group.